Writing your grounds of appeal: hints and tips

Writing your grounds of appeal: hints and tips

Excellent advice about appealing convictions.

Appeals Barrister

This mightbe the most important fact sheet for peoplemaking an application for leave to appeal “in person” (without a lawyer). It should also be useful to students working at miscarriage of justice projects. Most of the hints and tips will also be relevant whenmaking applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

Why are the Grounds of Appeal Important?

Your grounds of appeal are a massivelyimportant part of your case. If you prepare your grounds of appeal badly then the judge (or the CCRC)will not know what your arguments are. This puts you at a disadvantage. The judge will be less likely to grant you permission to appeal if you have not told them why you have a good case. So persuade them.

The Golden Rules

1)Start from the beginning. Always write your grounds of appeal as if the person reading them knows nothing about your case. It is…

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That’s Not The Way To Do It!

My Mid Life Crisis

punchliz1Well, we didn’t see that one coming, did we, boys and girls?

I’ve had my head buried in a serious trial over the last couple of weeks. It’s the type of case which has been attracting the unwelcome attentions of various ill-informed quarters of the media and Parliamentarians ignorant of criminal law and procedure. The real world has, to a certain extent, receded into the background. It’s the sort of trial where I have had to listen to the Helmet back catalogue. A lot.

So I nearly missed the bit where the MOJ turned into the Punch and Judy Show.

We all know that Liz Truss is the worst Lord Chancellor since Geoffrey The Bastard (who held the office from 1181 to 1189). Her obvious, embarrassing lack of grasp of the issues, not to mention the conspicuous lack of regard for access to justice and the importance of proper procedure which permeates down through…

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