New season of AJC’s Breakdown podcast covers the Devonia Inman case


After finishing her shift and locking the premises up, restaurant manager Donna Brown walked across the car park to her car late one night carrying the day’s takings. Before she could get into the car, a masked assailant shot her in the face, took her money, took her car, and escaped.

Days later, with no physical evidence, no forensic evidence, no blood evidence and no fingerprints to tie him to the crime, police arrested and charged 20 year old Devonia Inman with the murder. To counter the lack of evidence the police produced three eye witnesses to the shooting – one of Brown’s colleagues, who saw the murder; Inman’s girlfriend’s sister, who said that he came back to their house that night covered in blood and with a sackful of money; and a prisoner who shared a cell with Inman after his arrest, to whom Inman admitted the murder. With…

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