PAFAA: People Against False Allegations of Abuse

This page is for those seeking help after being WRONGLY accused and interviewed after allegations of non-recent sexual abuse.


If you wish to join the private forums please email falseallegations at All members are strictly vetted and asked various questions, such as “how far are you in the judicial system? Interviewed? Charged? Supporting convicted and want to appeal?” Please do not be offended by the fact you are questioned; this is an attempt to sort the guilty from the not guilty as far as we can. This is not a place for journalists or students to join.


We also have two Facebook groups: one private (where non-members can see that it exists but not see the member list of any posts) and the other is “secret” where it cannot be found. This is for those who wish to share case details in confidence. There are rules which must be abided by. The Private group can be found at

These groups are not a place for journalists or students to join.