Stories of Injustice (19)

In the fourth story in this series I wrote about the experience of the husband of a woman I called Sharon who is adamant that he was unjustly convicted of a sex offence he allegedly committed over …

Source: Stories of Injustice (19)

One thought on “Stories of Injustice (19)

  1. For 22 years, since the 1994 populist Tory coward Howard’s Criminal Justice & Public Order Act, England & Wales. Alleged sex crime cases can proceed entirely on the word of one complainant with no corroborative evidence. Even if a supposed ‘complainant’ was proactively trawled by ambitious police seeking promotion via positive media exposure. (Thankfully, Scottish justice still demands corroboration.)

    Q.V. “Abolition of corroboration requirements under Sexual Offences Act 1956. (1)The following provisions of the [1956 c.69.] Sexual Offences Act 1956 (which provide that a person shall not be convicted of the offence concerned on the evidence of one witness only unless the witness is corroborated) – are hereby repealed.”

    There is no requirement for medical or forensic evidence, no injury, no crime scene evidence. Imagine trials brought by Police/CPS for alleged NON-sex crimes supposedly committed years or decades earlier with no evidence of any crimes committed. Such cases would NOT proceed and false complainants may well be prosecuted for wasting police time.

    Yet since 1994 the standard of evidence has been dramatically lowered ONLY for alleged sex crimes in England & Wales. With innumerable prosecutions and likely now thousands of falsely jailed innocent, mostly male, victims of modern UK mass injustice. With many UK families including innocent children losing adult relatives and friends, lives all destroyed.

    Also very conveniently overlooked until recently. Are, often far too similar ‘allegations’ falsely paraded as so called ‘facts’. Written up by corrupt police for their next trawled complainant/’victim’ to parrot with small variations. There are numerous examples of this true criminality nationwide. Start with the expert office of Southport defence solicitor the indefatigable Chris Saltrese.

    And like the later NuLab/LiteTory, Right wing Murdoch-media pawns, the 1990s populist Tory Home Sec coward Howard’s motives were always about votes not child saving because huge abuses, always c.90% NON-sexual, of UK children still continued, and continue to this day. Plus Howard’s March 1997 highly discriminatory ‘Sex Offenders Register’ (a first in peacetime UK) was also just for populist votes at Election time. And nearly 20 years on still unjustly demonizes just one class of supposed ‘criminals’ (many innocent) beyond all others; including terrorists!

    And, deranged UK so called ‘experts’ still falsely claim, “False Allegations are rare!”

    If 1980s ongoing Right wing UK was far Left Stalinist Russia the propagandized proles would rightly chime, “What do you expect?”

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